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Unleash the Beast! A Beastmaster Guide

Posted 11 December 2012 - 10:25 PM - Kudryavka

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Beast masters are known for their strong bonds with beasts among Payon descendants.

They inherit the powerful strength of beasts to boost their physical strength and defeat their enemies. They can also transform into beasts and manifest all their abilities.

Beast masters are generally off-tank type class that can deal a good amount of damage and tank monsters with ease. They use spear as their weapon and can transform into three kinds of beast; Bear, Tiger, and Grizzly Bear. Each one of his transformation allows the Beast Master to adapt easily depending on the situation given.

Important Stats

STR - Main stat of a Beast Master, it'll be your main source of damage output.
AGI - Good source of crits. It gives you more damage output with more critical chance and it also adds dodge.
VIT - Increases health and regeneration, optional stat if you wanted to be more tanky you can add a bit.


Posted ImageCruel Bite - Bite a target to inflict damage and recover 10% of your max HP and Consumes 30 Beast Points(0s Cooldown)
[Lv1] 27% Damage
[Lv2] 29% Damage
[Lv3] 31% Damage
[Lv4] 33% Damage
[Lv5] 35% Damage

Posted ImageBeast Roar - Forces an enemy to attack you.
[Lv1] 20s Cooldown
[Lv2] 17s Cooldown
[Lv3] 14s Cooldown
[Lv4] 11s Cooldown
[Lv5] 8s Cooldown

Posted ImageSurvival - Increases Max HP and HP Recovery for 15s. (60s Cooldown)
[Lv1] Max HP & HP Recovery +5%
[Lv2] Max HP & HP Recovery +10%
[Lv3] Max HP & HP Recovery +15%
[Lv4] Max HP & HP Recovery +20%
[Lv5] Max HP & HP Recovery +25%

Posted ImageFeral Defense - Decreases the damage taken over 10s. You cannot use skills or move while this effect lasts. (120s Cooldown)
[Lv1] Damage Reduction +10%
[Lv2] Damage Reduction +20%
[Lv3] Damage Reduction +30%
[Lv4] Damage Reduction +40%
[Lv5] Damage Reduction +50%

Posted ImageGrizzly Form - Transforms you into a Grizzly Bear and increases your max HP and Aggro generation.(3s Cooldown)
[Lv1] Max HP +13% & Aggro +60%
[Lv1] Max HP +26% & Aggro +120%
[Lv1] Max HP +39% & Aggro +180%
[Lv1] Max HP +52% & Aggro +240%
[Lv1] Max HP +65% & Aggro +300%

Posted ImageRage Smash - Deals Physical Damage to the target and acquire 8-12 Beast points
[Lv1] 12% Physical Damage
[Lv2] 13% Physical Damage
[Lv3] 15% Physical Damage
[Lv4] 16% Physical Damage
[Lv5] 18% Physical Damage

Posted ImageBear Form - Transforms you into a Bear and increases your damage. (3s Cooldown)
[Lv1] Physical Damage +5%
[Lv2] Physical Damage +10%
[Lv3] Physical Damage +15%
[Lv4] Physical Damage +20%
[Lv5] Physical Damage +25%

Posted ImageTiger Form - Transforms you into a Tiger and increases movemeent speed. (3s Cooldown)
[Lv1] Movement Speed +10%
[Lv2] Movement Speed +20%
[Lv3] Movement Speed +30%
[Lv4] Movement Speed +40%
[Lv5] Movement Speed +50%

Posted ImageWild Crush - Hits the target with Physical Damage and causes Bleeding. The bleeding effect lasts for 20s and deals damage every 2s. Acquires 16-24 Beast Points(10s Cooldown)
[Lv1] 10% Physical Damage & 10% DOT
[Lv1] 11% Physical Damage & 11% DOT
[Lv1] 12% Physical Damage & 12% DOT
[Lv1] 13% Physical Damage & 13% DOT
[Lv1] 15% Physical Damage & 14% DOT

Posted ImageBrutal Strike - Damages the target with Physical Damage and consumes 50 Beast Points. (20s Cooldown)
[Lv1] 71% Physical Damage
[Lv1] 75% Physical Damage
[Lv1] 80% Physical Damage
[Lv1] 85% Physical Damage
[Lv1] 90% Physical Damage

Posted ImageFury Strike - Hit the enemy multiple times and cause Physical Damage, consumes up to 50 Beast Points and every Beast Point causes 0.7% more damage. (0s Cooldown)
[Lv1] 25% Physical Damage
[Lv2] 28% Physical Damage
[Lv3] 31% Physical Damage
[Lv4] 33% Physical Damage
[Lv5] 36% Physical damage

Posted ImageBeast Tornado - Rotating Attack which hits up to 3 enemies with Physical Damage. (3s Cooldown)
[Lv1] 15% Physical Damage
[Lv2] 17% Physical Damage
[Lv3] 20% Physical Damage

Posted ImageFrenzy - Increases Beast Point generation for 20s. (120s Cooldown)
[Lv1] Beast Point Generation +20%
[Lv2] Beast Point Generation +40%
[Lv3] Beast Point Generation +60%
[Lv4] Beast Point Generation +80%
[Lv5] Beast Point Generation +100%

Posted ImageBeast Charge - Charges to the enemy and stuns him for 1s, acquires 8-12 Beast Points
[Lv1] 60s Cooldown
[Lv1] 50s Cooldown
[Lv1] 40s Cooldown
[Lv1] 30s Cooldown
[Lv1] 20s Cooldown

Posted ImageWild Impact - Causes a Shock Wave which hits up to 10 enemies and stuns them for 3s
[Lv1] 110s Cooldown
[Lv1] 90s Cooldown
[Lv1] 70s Cooldown
[Lv1] 50s Cooldown
[Lv1] 30s Cooldown

Skill Builds

Off-tank DPS
Full Tank

Special Notes

- Once you changed your class from Archer to Beastmaster, all your skill points will automatically reset.
- You can only transform one kind of beast at a time
- Only Bears have the sit animation

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. I'll try my best to answer all the questions given as soon as possible. or you can reach me out in-game if i'm online.

- Mana



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